Monday, August 1, 2011

T-Shirt Studio is up and running.

Out Now! My Photography has opened up into other art forms now.
New works by Chrome & Light Studios. Shirts produced in our T-shirt studio for sale to the public. All available with payment through paypal. Just give your size, quantity, and shipping address. Dont forget to tell me what shirt or shirts you want. International orders will have to pay extra for shipping.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Behind the scenes of my show.

So I have not posted in weeks. I have been so busy trying to finish all my pieces for my upcoming spotlight show at gasoline Gallery. So here I am to show you some behind the scenes of what I have been up to.

this piece is simple but has great lines and color. Taken from one of my trips to Alabama visiting my amazing girlfriend.

Yep, I am building a few pieces for the Gallery Bathroom. While you sit, you get to enjoy some art. Ha ha ha.

Just a little hardware.

Heres the pair.

I think I am going through some frames.

A little jig I made to line up pics for my set of collage pieces.

Now you can see the levels.

The pair known as Rod & Kustom.

Sizing up the frame. Now to customize it.

The Nine Sweet Deaths being mounted on the original BxW Print.

My Bedroom, or my workshop?

1Shot too!

Getting ready to tackle creating a piece of the "Perfect Score"

Now to assemble it. 4 layers on this one.


Work is piling up in the spare room.

My hand study of Doug Dorr

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birth of a new piece for my show... KUSTOM

So as you see in my background, I had created a promo piece that I pass out at shows made up of mostly Kustoms. Work I have shot for various articles or at shows around California. I have decided to do a set of pieces for my upcoming show using this format. I rebuilt the piece using only Kustoms and I will build another titled "Rod" to showcase Hot Rods I have shot as well.

After printing out all the individual shots and then printing out a master copy, I really got a look at this piece and got excited. Here are a few shots showcasing the first of the set. I have included shots of the build. Its no lie that even my photographs cannot do justice the effect of my layering 3D effect. You really have to see this stuff in person. I am so in love with this piece right now.

Here is the shot as it was originally designed.

So much fun cutting out all the individual prints.

Setting up the shot in Photoshop to find placement for all the pictures.

Here is me with the start of the 3D piece.

So I have started the process of setting up the layers.

It is so hard to photograph the effect of the 3D layers.

You can see the depth a bit here.

I hand cut all the spacers for each piece.

Any artist knows this is one of your best friends.

I had to think long and hard about all the layers and how high each piece needs to be lifted.

Secrets revealed...

Its done and this photo does no justice at all.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Day with Doug Dorr

As my readers may know, I will be having an exhibit of my art infused photography on March 19th at Gasoline Gallery in El Segundo Ca. I started my weekend off with the first of a series of pieces based on legends in the Kustom Kulture art world. The first victim was Doug Dorr. Creator of Kool Tools and a world famous painter. Doug was amazing. We had a grand time as he went to work on a panel as I set up my camera. I actually had to tell him to stop cause he is just so damn fast when he pinstripes. Its just so fluid and natural when he goes at it. Here are a few cheap shots to give you a sneak peek at what I am working on. I will post a few more photos later with a better pic of the panel.

Hmmm... Who's next for my series on artist?

Here's the finished piece. He was ready to just wipe the panel clean, but I had to put a stop to that. This one went home with me.

I learned so much and have great respect for my friend Doug.

So here is a quick poloroid of things to come.

See the finished pieces at my show. Everyone is welcome.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Taking the Fink Rod out for a ride.

So I was out in Bakersfield this weekend to shoot a friends Hot Rod. After tracking weather for 10 days and lining up a location etc, it all quickly went out the window. It was overcast, and cold. About 45 degrees. This car has 3 types of metal flake that really needs sun to see, so there were thoughts of a re-shoot. At one point we had 18 people including myself at the shoot for one car. Wow! It quickly turned into the thing to do on a Sunday.

This day started out with one simple goal... to take one shot of this car doing a wheelie for another art piece for my show. After all the craziness of the day, we ditched everyone else and finally got down to the business at hand. You can see a screenshot off my computer of what I was looking for. Thanks to everyone for one of the most interesting days I have ever had on a shoot.

So here are a few Phone shots of the start of the day and a teaser of what I was there to do. More to come.

This is when I should have known that this was quickly getting out of hand.

Part of the entourage that came with us to location #1. I think they were there hoping to get put in a magazine. Ha ha ha.

We had to pull over to replenish some fluids.

Heres a quick sceen shot of the pic I was after. Not the finished piece. This one is digital. You will have to wait for my film to be processed for the real thing.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sunday Shoot!!!

Heading out to Bakersfield in the morning to shoot a Hot Rod. Had my eye on this beast for a while. Just wait and see what I have in store with this one. Not only will this one will be shot for a potential magazine layout, but I am also building a new art piece for my up coming show. Stay tuned.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Gallery Show Flyer is out for the Art of Jay Mason.

Just moments after posting the Main room flyer I received a copy of the design for my Show in the project room. Here is the first peek at the show. I will be posting some build photos of pieces and more explanation to what goes on with my mixed media Photography show. Stay Tuned folks and thanks for reading.

This piece is called the Nine Sweet Deaths. It is a BxW original photo, that has been hand colored and presented in my 3D style of layered buildup. More on this piece soon, and its not even the finished photo.